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  • Morita New Energy Materials (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. was established in January 2004. As a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, since its establishment, it has benefited from the great help of the Chinese government, many Chinese enterprises and all aspects of China. In the future, as a foothold in China's domestic enterprises, while fulfilling our regional responsibilities, we also aim to contribute to the international community and continue to grow and expand.

    Together with the 8 concepts of enterprise, there is also the business goal of "bringing happiness to people (including our employees) and associated enterprises".

    The enterprise contributes to the society on the premise of safety first and protecting the environment, and contributes to the world with high quality products and original new products; through communication with customers and manufacturers, understanding the needs of each other, making the best of common interests and achieving win-win results; obeying the laws and regulations of the country, and teaching staff business knowledge and the way to live in the world make them have the ability to solve various problems in their work and family and improve their personality.

    An enterprise, like a country, is small in strength and can achieve great goals only by relying on collective strength. It is difficult to solve all problems by one person even if you are excellent enough. No matter what problems you encounter, if everyone is able to think about it with his own sense of responsibility, the problem can be solved.

    Morita New Energy Materials (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. not only pays close attention to itself, but also to the surrounding people and related enterprises, so as to build corporate culture. Each employee can not forget the spirit of the master in his own work. Each person can make his voice in front of his family and children, and contribute to the society and the world, and bring happiness to the related enterprises. In the future, we will continue to developing together.


    Legal representative    HORIO HIROHIDE