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    The same piece of iron, can be sawed and worn out, but also can be refined into steel, a person can go fast, a group of people can go farther. In October, in order to better enhance the team cohesion and enrich the cultural life of the staff, from October 22, 2022 to November 6, 2022, the company organized and arranged for all the staff to go to the WOLL Forest Nature Camp in Changyinsha, Zhangjiagang City for outdoor development group activities.

    At the beginning of the activity, the coach of this activity introduced the origin of outdoor development activities and created a cheerful team atmosphere through a series of team development activities. Under the guidance of the coach, the members of each batch were divided into four groups and showed their skills in activities such as collaborative transport of ping-pong balls and multi-directional tug-of-war, and had a "big competition". Let everyone strongly aware of cooperation is the basis of group success.Group success must be based on the efforts of team members.

    The expedition in the bush requires everyone's boldness and mutual encouragement to overcome the fear of heights. This activity is good to exercise everyone's will and enhance the cohesion of staff!!

    After enjoying a good meal, a short break, we are excited to dig sweet potatoes. Even at noon, still can not stop everyone digging sweet potato enthusiasm, not long, a basket of "spoils" presented in front of the eyes, full of a sense of accomplishment.

    After a series of group building activities, we stepped into the WOLL Forest Canopy, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and found a piece of tranquility, enjoying a delicious afternoon tea, which is a great pleasure.

    The similarity between work, life and group building activities is that we can sum up our experience and then help our growth. After experiencing the joy of success brought by collaboration and courage, each member also felt the essence of "responsibility, collaboration and self-confidence" and the responsibility to be a member of the team.

    In the future, we will meet the next challenges with a better outlook!

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