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    Due to the epidemic, the company's annual travel activities in 2020 passed us by. 2021, still a year of war with the epidemic, the company in full consideration of the current severe situation of the epidemic, through the vote of all colleagues, and finally selected Sanqingshan - Wuyuan and Tonglu - Qiandao Lake as the final two travel routes.The travel activity was well organized and smooth under the careful preparation of the General Affairs and Personnel Department of the company!

    First Stop: Wuyuan-Sanqingshan

    Day1 we visited the first big waterfall group in southern Anhui - Xia Lin Jiu Tian Yin Pu. Xia Lin is known as the "five best scenes in the world" for its unique landscape of waterfalls, sacred pools, deep streams, strange rocks and dangerous gorges.

    Day2 we departed from Wuyuan to Sanqing Mountain, which is known as "unparalleled blessed land", it is dangerous in the east and strange in the west, and has the characteristics of "the majesty of Mount Tai, the steepness of Mount Hua, the smoke and clouds of Mount Heng, and the waterfalls of Kuanglu".

    Day3 we visited the "Under a small bridge near a cottage a stream flow"-Likeng and "hanging on the slope of the mountain village"-Huangling. It has the architectural landscape of Wuzhen and the strange rock landscape of Tuerlin, forming a beautiful painting of small bridges, flowing water and people's homes. Huangling was built in the middle of Ming Dynasty, with a history of more than 500 years. The terraced fields of Huangling are covered with greenery, and the village is known as "the home of the terraced clouds" as it gathers air and nests clouds. Huangling is a typical mountain village, and the dwellings are arranged in a fan-shaped ladder around the water mouth, and the scenic area is a combination of aerial views from the ropeway, ancient visits to the village's sky street, flowering terraces and folk customs.

    During the four-day journey, we visited the most beautiful countryside in China - Wuyuan, Sanqing Mountain,Huangling, Li Ken and other famous attractions. They are all beautiful, though their styles are very different. The rural style of Wuyuan, the majestic steepness of Sanqing Mountain, and the staggered dwellings of Huangling straightly make people linger, and the ancient village of Li Keng reminds one of the poem, "It is breezy and sunny in this riverside hamlet in summer.And swallows and sparrows have their nestles under the eaves".

    Second Stop:Tonglu - Qiandao Lake

    This trip we enjoyed the iconic performance of Qiandao Lake - Spirit of Water, which was selected with the picturesque background of Qiandao Lake and combined with Chinese martial arts, acrobatics, Jiangnan folk music, dance and other performance elements, combined with the domestic top creative, choreography, 3D and production team, fully demonstrated the unique charm of Qiandao Lake as a national famous tourism county.

    During the 4-day journey, we had climbed Meifeng and explored the natural landscape of Qiandao Lake; we had also ridden in the green way, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city and accompanied by green mountains and water; we also experienced the sport of the brave - Rafting, experiencing the dynamics of life in the up and down rivers and feeling the speed and passion in the gurgling streams.



    The travel activity made the staff feel the warmth of the company. It has played a positive role in promoting the staff's spare time and strengthening the communication between them, further enhancing the cohesion of the company and fully demonstrating the team spirit of the company.

    In 2021, we will make further efforts and steadily continue to move forward!

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